4 Reasons why LinkedIn is great for B2B Lead Generation

The buzz around social media continues to grow and businesses are finding new and innovative ways to drive awareness and generate leads by exploiting the variety of social platforms available. If you are looking to generate leads in the B2B market, you could be missing a trick if you’re not using LinkedIn to its full potential.


LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network online with more than 450 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Its popularity isn’t slowing down either, with professionals signing up to LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second.

According to research from Forrester, LinkedIn is the most-used social network amongst ‘decision makers’. Whether you’re using social media to network, market your business, or generate leads, LinkedIn could be the key to business success in the B2B market.

Whether you’re just getting started with social networking or looking to develop your social media activity, here are 4 compelling reasons why LinkedIn should be a priority platform for your business!

Trusted news source

LinkedIn is a trusted source of news, information, and advice amongst professional communities. The mobile app makes it easy for commuters to spend time engaging with content shared by their connections and from key influencers in their networks. By sharing, commenting and engaging with content on the platform, you can become involved with like-minded professionals with similar interests and start developing your profile within your target audience and with potential leads.

No matter how niche, share your expertise!

Whatever your skills or expertise, there will be a community of professionals interested in hearing insights and advice on the topic. LinkedIn provides the perfect platform to start developing your authority in the field by sharing helpful content in order to engage potential leads. You will be able to gain insights into who is engaging with your content and begin developing professional relationships with these people.

Develop your reputation as a thought leader

Managing an active and engaged LinkedIn profile and sharing relevant, valuable content with your network will enable you to start developing your position as a reputable thought leader. This is a fantastic lead generation tactic as you can effectively develop your authority amongst your peers and potential leads whilst also promoting yourself and the business as credible, trustworthy and reliable. A good reputation works wonders as a ‘word-of-mouth’ tool amongst B2B markets.

Be specific when you target your audience

LinkedIn make it easy for you to target specific people, particularly for Premium members. LinkedIn’s search tool is sophisticated and has profiling capabilities so you can target your desired audience and promising leads. As LinkedIn is a primary platform used by decision makers, you will be able to find and connect with the people who could be in the key position to engage with your business.

If you’re looking to develop your profile and generate leads in a B2B market, LinkedIn could be the perfect platform for you. Make the most of your social profile by listening, analysing, sharing, networking and connecting and you could see increased opportunities to convert and grow sales.

Reference – businesswales


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